Patronage Pro Zona Mazahua, or Pro Mazahua, is a Civil Association constituted in 1997, in which work began with indigenous communities. It surfaces to contribute in the development of solutions against extreme poverty and the social inclusion of the indigenous Mazahua communities in the State of Mexico.

The foundation Fundación Pro Mexico Indígena was formally established in 2009 with a clear objective: the resurgence of indigenous communities of Mexico in their greatness.

They seek to eliminate extreme poverty of indigenous communities by nipping it in the bud with their MODEL OF SUSTAINABLE INTEGRAL DEVELOPMENT FOR INDIGENOUS COMMUNITIES created by Foundation Pro Zona Mazahua. We are working towards the construction of a multidimensional model to fight with issues of extreme poverty and generate a sustainable integral development. We cover all of the essential areas for a full development that is focused on the person.

Starting in 2008, the replication of our model of sustainable integral development starts being present in new states and communities due to the high demand of the projects that create well-being to indigenous communities. We currently work in seven states in Mexico: State of Mexico (Mazahuas and Otomíes), Chiapas (Tseltsales), Campeche, Yucatan (Mayans), Oaxaca (Chinantecs and Mazatecs), Michoacan (Purépechas), and Guerrero (Me’phaas) where our strategy of sustainable integral development has reached.

Thanks to these actions, the reality of more than 10,000 indigenous families has been transformed, they have been able to leave behind extreme poverty and today they are the OWNERS OF THEIR OWN PROGRESS.

Our proposal is to bet on local development with a regional vision where identity, territory, and culture are bound together as conditions to generate progress. We endorse the development of the abilities in indigenous communities so they can choose the life they want to live, always respecting their culture and identity.

The strategic alliances with the different associates of the Mexican society: public, private, social, academic, and international, have been fundamental in the production of our development model.

The impact achieved can be measured with multidimensional poverty indicators, showing important advances in:

  • Educational delay
  • Access to nutrition
  • Basic services
  • Housing
  • Health
  • Economic well-being
  • Culture, etc.


Expand the capabilities of the indigenous communities from Mexico for their sustainable integral development in the physical-environmental, social-human, economic productive, and cultural civic dimensions.


To be an institution with wide recognition at a national and international level, for having contributed significantly to elevate the quality of life of the indigenous communities of Mexico.

To work for the resurgence of the indigenous communities of Mexico, America, and the world in its greatness.



Foundation of the organization Patronato Pro Zona Mazahua A.C. in the State of Mexico, with a clear commitment to the Mazahua communities in the municipalities of San Felipe del Progeso and San José del Rincón.

The first Stone of the Medical Dispensary “Si Na Na Genze” is laid.



On October 23rd, 2000, the Medical Dispensary starts operations

The foundation of Fundación Pro Mazahua I.A.P is established.



The Sustainable Integral Development Model is consolidated.

The replication of the Sustainable Integral Development Model begins, with Otomí communities in the State of Mexico, specifically in the municipality of Acambay.



The foundation Fundación Pro México Indígena is constituted, and the First Encounter of Indigenous Mexico takes place. Since this year, the encounters are held once a year in different venues.

Crucial year to replicate the Sustainable Integral Development Model in an emblematic state of the indigenous issue: Chiapas, working with Tseltal families in the region of Los Altos in the municipalities of Tenejapa and San Juan Cancuc.



The idea of reproducing the strategy in another indigenous region is succesful, this time with Mayan communities in the state of Campeche, in the municipality of Hopelchén.

Work begins in three more states: Michoacan (with Purépecha communities), Oaxaca (with Chinantec and Mazatec communities), and Yucatan (with Mayan communities).



Work starts in Guerrero with Me´phaa communities.

  • Art Auction, works that take life by Indigenous Mexico.
  • Launch of Maz Taná with three kitchens for the commercialization of Maz Taná products in Campeche, Chiapas and the state of Mexico.
  • Sixth Encounter: Indigenous Mexico, from Extreme Poverty to the Generation of Wealth with Identity.
  • First encounter of Mazahua culture in Nana: Strengthening my Cultural Heritage and my National Identity.



20 years of work for the well-being and integral development of our indigenous communities (November 17th, 1997 – 2017).


Throughout 20 years since the foundation of the organization, different awards and acknowledgements have been awarded:

2016: Award to the small producer granted by the Walmart Foundation when qualifying with six products that will be sold in Superama (local supermarket).

2016: Third place in the AmarteMx Project from MVS Radio in support of the Mazahua embroiderers.

2016: Acknowledgement for the social commitment to develop effective actions in favor of the citizens, as well as solidary leadership in the 4º Congress of Active Citizenship.

2016: Winners of the 50-year campaign from Young & Rubicam, who will carry out a pro bono advertising campaign for the launch of the Maz Taná products.

2015: Award “Share” in the Community Development category.

2015: National Award of Voluntary and Solidarity Action to the founder Jeannette Arriola Sánchez in the individual category.

2015: First place in the web and social media summon from Los 40 Principales (radio station) and Banorte (local bank).

2015: Presentation of the testimony Sustainable Integral Development as a success in the U.N in Geneva, Switzerland, within the framework of the XXX period of Sessions of the Human Rights Council.

2015: Presentation in the Senate of Mexico about the similarities that exist between the Sustainable Integral Development Model promoted by Pro Mazahua and the encyclical of the Holy Father Francisco Laudato in the event: “Poverty and Climate Change”.

2014: Acknowledgement by the Government of Mexico for the Solidarity Cause in the framework of the Second International Congress of Active Citizenship.

2014: Inauguration of the Carlos Slim Helú Center or Studies for the Sustainable Integral Development of Indigenous Communities in Anahuac University.

2012: The Carlos Slim Helú Chair begins in Anahuac University in an integral fight against the poverty of the indigenous communities.

2011: Walmart in Mexico granted the recognition as an exemplary Social Institution in the Award Ceremony for Suppliers.

2011: Accreditation of Institutionality and Transparence by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI).

2011: The foundation is accepted as an organization afilited to the United Nations Information Center to help with the fulfillment of the missions of both institutions.

2010: The award “Bicentennial of the National Independence and Centennial of the Mexican Revolution” was awarded.

2009:The case of Pro Mazahua was recognized as a success case in the anual meeting of the Council of Environmental Cooperation between U.S.A, Canada, and Mexico, for the work in the Mazahua basin of San Antonio la Ciénega.

2008: National Prize for the Philanthropic Bonding in Child Nutrition, awarded by the National Health Foundation, for the ability of linking more than eleven organizations in favor of the nutrition of Mazahua children.

2008: The Latin American Center for Social Responsibility (CLARES) awarded the Prize for Social Responsibility 2008

2005: First place in the Good Partner Awards of the Society for Prosperity for the generation of employment and social development in the zero economic profitability area.

2005: Successful external impact evaluation carried out by the Latinamerican Science Faculty.

2004:CEMEFI Award for Commitment for Others.