Twenty three years of providing well-being, integral development, and self-sustainability to indigenous communities where more than 10,000 Mazahua, Otomí, Tseltal, Mayan, Mazatec, Chinantec, Purépecha, and Me’phaa families from seven states in Mexico have left behind extreme poverty and today they are the owners of their own progress through our model of Sustainable Integral Development that include projects of health, education, food safety, sustainable integral housing, productive projects of rescue and culture as well as care for the environment.


We would definitely not be where we are today without our allies, who with their knowledge, innovation, initiatives, donations – but above all will – make sure that the resurgence of communities can become a reality, that the Indigenous Mexico can be more present and prosperous with every passing day, that every beneficiary from the different states, ethnic groups and communities can reach their maximum integral development by living in harmony with their community, their natural environment, becoming self-sustainable thanks to the different productive, health, education, housing, environmental, and cultural projects. All of them are part of our Indigenous Mexico.

We are a bridge between the different people, institutions, companies, government, etc. that believe in the Indigenous Mexico and wish to support and invest in their well-being, development, and integral projects.

Complies with the Indicators of Institutionality and Transparence (ITT) that is granted by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy.

Our projects cover the human development indexes, as well as the aims for the development of the millennium.